ECU Technologies Customer Comments

If you are a recent ECU Technologies customer please leave a comment about the type of ECU repair / replacement service we provided. This will help other people who have the same computer problem as yourself avoid over-priced dealerships. Please include the year, make and model of your vehicle and briefly describe how we handled your order. What type of repair? ECU repair, programming, flashing, immobilizer reflashing etc..  Also feel free to ask any questions you have and we will respond within 24 hours.

Thank you again for your business. 


255 thoughts on “ECU Technologies Customer Comments

  1. We ordered a 2002 Toyota Sienna ecu and it worked like new. It was programmed and ready for installation. I didnt even have to use my scanner. Great company to work with.
    Pat’s Auto, Nashville TN

  2. I own a small used car dealer in Detroit and these guys have always fix my ecms. I buy a lot of flood cars from salvage auctions with bad electronincs. They not only replace computers but they also recode the transponder keys and GM pass keys.

    Bill’s used Cars

  3. I work at a Dodge dealership in Texas and have sent several ecm for Dodge Ram to ECM outlet. They have fixed all the computers that I have sent them and have done a great job. They are fast and efficient. They keep in contact with me and let me know when they get the ecm and when they go out. Thanks to them for the great job they do.

    Weaver Motors, Kirbyville TX

  4. On or about Dec. 12th 2011, I took my 2001 Toyota 4Runner 4X4 to the dealer for a stalling problem. They told me I needed a new ECM and quoted me $1800 for the repair. I found ECM Outlet online and communicated my problem. Within 10 days including holidays and a price of $485. I recieved an ECM ready to install and run. I did not have to reprogram new keys or have it flashed by the dealer (another $110.) I am very impressed with the staff ‘s knowledge and speedy response. ECM Outlet took care of me
    and saved me over $1500. I definetely recommend anyone to seek their help.
    Austin, TX

  5. My son has been working on my 98 Jeep Cherokee because of a stalling issue. We couldnt figure out the problem until we found this place on the internet. He shipped them our ecm for repair. When we got it back we drove the Jeep for 40 minutes on the freeway and I can’t believe how my Jeep runs again. They fixed the problem.
    Arlene California

  6. ECM outlet took care of my 2001 mercedes s500 engine computer, all the programming was done, it was just a matter of plugging the computer and starting the car. excellent job and i saved a lot of money. i already have another computer to send to ecm..
    Ken Trinidad & Tobago

  7. I live in California. I had a Volvo 850 Turbo with a bad engine control module that needed replacing because it was giving faulty error codes and preventing me from passing California Smog Check. The repair shop wanted close to $1,200 for a new Volvo part. I found ECM Outlet online and gave them a call. The phone service was friendly and attentive. They called back. They had a “remanufactured” matching part for less than 1/3rd the price of Volvo. I decided to take a chance. I received the part, the repair shop put it in, and my car is running better than it ever did.

    I get the feeling this is a small shop with a dedicated staff that’s committed to a successful business. It’s easy for me to recommend this place to anyone that needs an ECM. I would buy from them again.

  8. ECM outlet is the best!! I have a 01 Mercedes E320 with a dead ECU. Jeff saved me at least $1000 over the Mercedes dealer. He sent a reman ECU programmed to my car, it was a plug and play deal. Nobody else can do that! Thanks, Bob Hunter

  9. I had problems with the ECM on my infinity I30 a nd after being held up in the shop for over 2 months we were able to establish the problem was the ECM. The dealer quoted me a price of $1000 plus reprogramming.. ECM outlet helped me out alot as I sent it to them and go it in 5 business days during the holidays of which cost me $300 bucks saving me quite a penny. the car runs smoother than I have ever heard it and I thank Jeff and his crew for the help. I would recommend them greatly to anyone who is having ECM issues.
    Thanks again

    Frank (Carrollton, TX)

  10. I needed an airbag control module for my 1999 Ford Ranger. I tried another company but they first sent the wrong module and then sent one that was full of crash data (unusable).
    Next I tried ECM. They sent the right part, the first time and in working condition. I’m back on the road with a functioning SRS!



  11. Thanks Jeff
    your service very good i received the computer for my 00 ford expedition
    and it runs great . only had to program keys to computer. if i needed more help i will call you
    bill hardman

    • Ford PATS programming is not always 100% guaranteed without the vehicle present. I recommend programming this passive anti theft system (PATS) through the OBD port under the dash. If your ecm is made by Ford then you may need to have the security key programmed by a locksmith or a Ford dealer. I’m glad the Expedition ECM worked out for you Bill. Thank you for your business and if you ever need any other ecm’s go to ecm outlet for more info.

      PATS Program Ford Anti theft ecm

  12. I recently sent ecm outlet a ecm from a 2005 volvo s80 and it was repaired flawlessly! it only took one week to get the ecm back and it came back fully programmed. All car troubles are gone, im very happy. Also customer service was top notch, but best of all Jeff was a very honest person. Almost forgot, this saved me over a 1000 dollars!

  13. ECM Outlet is absolutely amazing!!! They reprogrammed my engine computer from my 2001 BMW 740i which was known as the impossible feat because of it’s unique and rare anti-tampering protection system. Unlike Mercedes and others, BMW’s computers have the VIN embedded in the computer from the factory in which not only the dealer can erase and reprogram! They did the impossible and saved me over $1500!!! Thank you Jeff for all of your hard work and perseverance!!! You did what all the dealers and specialists said was virtually impossible!!!

    • In some cases BMW, DME computers will require EWS alignment from a BMW dealer. We can program the vin and immobilizer to a new or reman ecu but there may be an additional step. Please keep this in mind when ordering.


  14. Thank You Jeff at ECM Outlet. You are one Amazing Computer Genius. I am a Used Car Dealer from Boston Mass. I buy and sell Volvo, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, and Range Rover for a living. Jeff, the General manager of the ECM outlet has over 15 years experience working in repairs and Customer Satisfaction. He was able to save a Volvo V70 Cross Country Wagon with a failed ECM. Our Local Volvo Dealer had condemned the car and Quoted $2000 to Fix. ECM Outlet Repaired and Returned the ECM for this vehicle in just 72 Hours!! at a cost of only $400. I then sold the car to a very happy customer. Everyone knows cars have problems but if you have ECM Outlet working for you then, you are in very good hands to repair your vehicle, and put it back in service. They take the time to explain your problem, and help you find a great solution!! From now on all of my ECM business will go ECM Outlet !!! There is no other company with as much expertise and awesome customer service in the USA.

    Thank You,
    Jeffrey Pollock
    Boston, Mass.

  15. Thanks to Jeff and the staff at ECM Outlet I saved almost $2,000 on a replacement ECM for my 2001 Toyota 4Runner 4×4. I am extrememly impressed and very happy with the personal attention and follow up assistance they provided, even after I goofed up the installation, to help me get my vehicle back on the road. To find a service like ECM Outlet that is so knowledgeable and efficient in helping me with the frustrating issue I was having with the 4Runner made the repair seem almost effortless. Over the top service compared to the dealer at a fraction of the cost made quite the impression on my thin wallet as well. I highly recommend them to anyone having computer issues with their vehicle.

    West Virginia

    • All 1999 and later Toyota ecm computers require immobilizer programming. This will require the original ecm to be read in our shop. Once we extract all the immobilizer data we can then transfer to the replacement unit. We can only offer this service if you still have the defective denso unit.

      4runner ecm

  16. Thanks Jeff for saving our 1999 Volvo V70. After a price of $1300.00 from Volvo to replace our malfunctioning ECM we where about to give it up. We went online and found you and decided to give it a try for under $500.00. Your quick courteous service sent the unit to us and got us back on the road!


  17. I have 2000 Toyota solara ECM went out toyota dealer wanted 1500. Dollars they told me that was only way to fix because used computers for that model could not be reprogrammed Jeff at ECM told me they had capability to reprogram one that would work with my key 395 dollars and it works great saved 1100 dollars. If u need ECM repaired or replacement to just plug in and go call Jeff save yourself time and money they do great work

  18. Just recieved an ECM back from you guys for a Mercedes. Plugged it in and the car started right up. ECM outlet is very friendly, helpful and a good price. I am glad that they were able to program the computer and I didnt have to deal with Mercedes. Thank you very much Jeff. I will be using you guys in the future.

    Mercer Auto Repair
    Thomasville, GA

  19. Just installed a PCM received from ECM Outlet in my 93 Ford Ranger and truck started and ran great. I was very skeptical because I had two previous PCMs provided by another supplier and both did NOT work in my truck. After 10 months tracking down the problem and attempting the repair it is satisfying to know that there is someone out there with the intergrity to provide the product and service they advertise. That someone is ECM Outlet.

  20. I just received the ECM for our vehicle from this vendor and it works! We got another one from another vendor and it did not work. They were friendly, prompt, and overnighted for us the second time because they synced it for us with both keys. I was skeptical because we have been dealing with this for about 8 months, and I am so happy we found this vendor. Please use if you need a computer for your vehicle.

  21. I have a 1997 Mercedes C280 that was diagnosed with a bad ECM(#2 injector would not fire)Bestprice for a reman was$975.Jeff reprogrammed it and returned it for $475.Very happy with the results and would recommend.Now the bad news,Very difficult to reach by phone,logistics were not good.After giving my home address the ECM was returned to my shipping address,luckily this did not create any additional problems.Once again,I would like to state that repair was great,Jeff! Hire somebody to work the phone!I know you can afford it.

    • Thank you Dave for the positive feed back. I guess I was confused about the shipping because you work at a Chevy dealership. I do a lot of ecm work for dealers so I assumed the shipping address was the dealership. Anyways, I’m glad the c280 ecm fixed your problem. On your next order the shipping will be on me.

  22. hello,
    I just had the very expensive ECM go bad on my 2003 Mercedes C32 AMG. The dealer wants 2800 $ for replacement. ECM Outlet got me a rebuilt and programed just plug in and drive computer for less than half the dealer cost. thank you vey much ECM Outlet, T.M. – Illinois

  23. Shift Management Inc 6200 Warehouse Way Sacramento Ca 95826
    My name is Joe I work at a transmission shop in California. We were working on a 2002 Toyota Rav 4 that we replaced and rebuilt the transmission in, we were experiencing a bind up condition with a 2-3 slip and sent the vehicle to our local dealer. They replaced the computer and did not resolve the condition we experienced.I had saw online the ECM outlet and decided to give Jeff a call since the dealer stated that it was our reman that had the problem.Jeff sent us a re-manufactured and tested ECM and low and behold it was not our transmission at fault but the Dealer installed computer!! If our shop EVER needs another ECM Jeff is surely going to get our business. Once again my hat goes off to Jeff one really big Thanks!!!! You saved the day.

  24. Customer brought in a 02 Toyota Rav4 with low mileage. Complaint was a bind up when shifting 2-3, common failure. Knowing the computers are prone to failure we contacted ECM outlet and sent our computer in for rebuilding. It was rebuilt in a very timely fashion at at very reasonable price. Shipping was fantastic as well. We installed the computer and went through several test drives verifying the problems were corrected.

    Could not be more pleased with the transaction from start to finish. We will be using this company again whenever we have the need for a reman ecm.

  25. The ECM Outlet is the REAL DEAL

    Our customer had purchased this 2000 Mercedes S500 in an inoperable status. The seller had told them that the only thing it needed was a shifter and it would then start and run. Star diagnostics indicated several problems including the rear SAM module and the wiring throughout the car had been fooled around with. We ran a Carfax on the car and found out that it had not run in over two years as the current milage was the same as the shop that seen it two years ago had reported. I called that shop and they remembered the car and had given the customer an estimate to repair the rear SAM module but advised them that other things might be wrong. Two other independent Mercedes shops had determined the car to be not economically repairable.

    We replaced the rear SAM module which restored the fuel pressure which was zero prior to replacing that module. Star Diagnostics then found the engine computer to be intermittent. We got the car to start twice but it would not start or turn over again. The Mercedes engine computer is coded to the switch, shifter, and key by VIN so just getting one from a salvage yard is not an option unless you can get all of the parts that are coded to the VIN from the same salvage car. Then, the problem becomes that if you ever need another key, unless you have proof that you own the car that those parts came from, Mercedes will not code a key for you. We got a set of parts from the salvage yard that supposedly came from the same vehicle. That’s when it started the second time. It would not start again. Star Diagnostics said that the ECM and the key switch did not come from the same car.

    We returned the parts to the salvage yard and found the ECM Outlet online. We were a bit skeptical at first, but after talking to Jeff and explaining the situation to the customer I decided to give the ECM Outlet a try. Jeff gave acceptional service. The turn around time was quick. They called me the day after they received it and told me that it was ready to ship once they received payment. I paid them and they shipped it immediately. They told me it was going out overnight, but it actually shipped express mail which took two days. The price did include the shipping and two days isn’t too bad considering that this car had not driven in over two years.

    We plugged the rebuilt ecm into the car, connected the battery, inserted the key, prayed and it started the first time. The car is now starting as it should and ready for the customer to pick up. The ECM Outlet really helped turn this job into a real success.

    • Thank you Ken for the feed back we really appreciate it. This will let other potential customers know that we have the capability of flash programming Mercedes engine computers (out of circuit). The Mercedes dealer will tell you this isn’t possible but these type of comments prove that it is possible.

      Thank you for your business.

  26. I had my ECM to go bad on my Mercedes C320. I contacted ECM Outlet and spoke with Jeff who checked inventory and verified the part I was looking for was in stock. Jeff gave me instructions on how to ship my old part and it was replaced within one week. My mechanic received part and only had to plug and play. My car started immediately. I had a pleasant experience here at ECM.

  27. I have a 2004 Volvo XC90; the vehicle showed Volvo diagnostic code ECM982, internal fault. Dealer quoted $1500 for a replacement ECM including programming. Jeff was able to do it for about 1/3 the price including programming the replacement module to work with the car’s computer network and keys.

    On the phone, Jeff told me it should take about 2-3 days to get the computer back once he received it, so I expected including shipping both ways it would take about a week. Although this turned out to be just about right, I felt that there were some communication problems along the way which probably could have been avoided. However, the process seemed to turn out well in the end, and I saved quite a bit of money, so I definitely can’t complain about the end result.

    • Thank you Keil for the feedback. I try to have most of the orders shipped out in a timely fashion. However, sometimes Flash programming can take longer than expected. Some Volvo ecm’s are more difficult than others to write immobilizer data to. Of course this all depends on the BOSCH part number and the sophistication of the anti-theft security system. If you ever need any other electronics work done just let us know. Thank you for your business.

  28. Thank You Jeff and all the people at ECM OUTLET. I am very happy with the service
    and fast turnaround time. My customer thought they would need a transmission in there 03
    Rav4 after some research I found the ECM was the problem the dealer wanted over
    $1000.00 for a new one. I came across ECM OUTLET on the internet. They saved the day
    my customer is more then happy with the repair
    Thank You
    Gary Bouchet Auto Repair
    Northfield NH


  30. I want to thank you so much for the repairs that you did on my 2001 Jaguar. I appreciate how fast the return was and the quality work that was done. Thanks Jeff.

    Eddie DeJesus

  31. Again I want to thank ECM Outlet for the fast repair of my mercedes TCM that got soaked with oil and needed to be replaced. they pulled info from old TCM and installed in replacment one. workes great

  32. I accidentally fried the computer in a 2004 Volvo and was devastated when I found out that I couldn’t use a used one and the dealership wanted $1500 for a new one. Fortunately, I found ECM Outlet and they had me back up and running for a third of that price. Jeff was very professional and easy to deal with. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found him. Thanks a bunch!!

  33. I just wantedto thank ECM Outlet and Jeff for resolving the harsh shifting problem on my 2001 Rav4. I went through alot of issues and expense trying to diagnose what the cause of this problem before I came across ECM Oulet’s website. Jeff quickly responded back to my request and quoted me a cost which 1/3 of what I was quoted to have the dealership to fix the computer problem I had. ECM Outlet was able to finish the repairs in just a few hours and I was surprised to get a call from Jeff letting me know that the work was completed and was being shipped back to me. I installed the computer and followed the directions that ECM Oulet provided. I did not experience any harsh shifting problems at all any more. I am very impressed with the professionalism and quick turnaround. I already recommended ECM Outlet to someone else who was inquiring about getting their computer fixed.

  34. My 2004 Volvo S60 had the check engine light on for a little while, then the “Engine System Service Required” message with the yellow caution light showed up on my dash. We took it to the dealership, where they told us it was throwing multiple codes and the software needed to be upgraded. They also told us if that didn’t fix it the ECM needed to be replaced. The lights went out for a little while then came back on, so the dealership told us it would be $1600 for the replacement module. I found a recommendation to use ECM Outlet through an online Volvo forum, so I checked out the website and called for more information. Jeff talked me, and then my husband, through how the process works, and after listening to what was going on with the car he was confident they could help. The customer service was great, and it was only three days from the time we removed the old one and put in the “new” module. My husband did the removal and replacement by himself. This was a lifesaver! The car runs great (we didn’t even realize it wasn’t running right until we replaced the ECM – what a difference!), and all of the lights are out – and without another trip to the dealership! Thanks so much Jeff and ECM Outlet!!!

  35. I had my ECM to go bad on my Mercedes C32AMG 2002. The dealership wanted $3500 to replace the part which seem to be extremely excessive so I started looking on the web to find an alternative solution. I found website but was a little apprehensive until I talk to Jeff on the phone. Right away I could tell from talking to him on the phone that Jeff knew what he was talking about. I felt comfortable in sending the part to him in MI. Jeff got the part on Tue and shipped it out on wed as promised, the dealership in Maryland got it on Thursday. Got my car back on Friday ……

    Thank you very much for your awesome customer service.

    Adnan Ashraf
    Your loyal customer from Washington DC.
    C32 AMG

  36. Thanks so much to Jeff and the team at ECM Outlet. My Buick PCM was bad and after getting in touch with ECM, I am a very pleased and grateful customer. Plugged it in, drove away; could not have been easier. Extremely reasonable price and great communication from ECM and Jeff. Great service that I will recommend to others.
    Rich Glass 8/2012.

  37. The ECM and SAM in my 2002 C320 both were flooded and badly damaged by a debris clogged chassis drain after a very heavy rain. I found a used SAM, and contacted Jeff to evaluate the ECM. He recommended a rebuilt unit, and provided the required programming to ‘marry’ it to the car, using the data stored in the damaged unit. If found Jeff very professional to deal with, and he kept me informed each step of the way. I recieved the ECM the next day, plugged it in, and I am on the road again!

    Many thanks

  38. Thank you ECM-Outlet for the professional help regarding my 2002 Toyota Rav4 hard shifting issue. Jeff was very helpful resolving the problem by over-nighting a remanufactured ecu. The following day, I installed the ecu and and was driving again with no issues as stated above. I also received a follow up call from Jeff asking if I was having any problems with the remanufactured unit which I have not. I also received my core deposit back in a timely fashion after shipping my defective ecu to Jeff. I would reccomend ECM-Outlet to anyone who experiences the issues I had concerning 2001-03 Toyata Rav4 with harsh shifting. Thanks Again !!!

  39. I need a key and maybe an ecu for a 2006 Mercedes C230 part number A2721534479 Can you guys program this ME ecu so that I can install it myself. Also your video at only shows how to remove an ecu for a 2002 C230 not a 2006 C230. Do you have another video that will show me how to remove the 2006 and 2007 Mercedes. 2006 and newer are completely different. This is the part number that matches the BOSCH ME number Is your price on Amazon the same or is their a discount. Thank you.

  40. I recently purchased a ECM computer from ecm outlet for my 1999 Es 300 Lexus and I am very satisfied with its performance thus far! My car drives very smooth i orderd my unit from Jeff McKee and he gave me very helpful information I received my unit approximately( 3) days after I paid for it Toyota installed it but it came in the mail already programmed! Toyota also made a comment on how well my car performed on a test drive ! Thanks Jeff for everything and I will be using you guys again and I will recommend you to others!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. I purchased an ECM for my 1999 Toyota Sienna (after being sold the wrong used model from my local junk yard). ECM Outlet made sure that they had the right information and confirmed that I didn’t need to have it programmed for a specific key before overnighting it to me. Installation was a breeze, and the car started right up, problem solved. I only wish I’d gone to them before my local junk yard. I highly recommend this company to anyone having problems with a Toyota Sienna ecm.

  42. Purchased ECU for Volvo S 60; great service and follow up. Vehicle would not start ; mechanic quote for ECU from Volvo was $1,800. Problem solved for $500!

  43. Thank You Jeff!
    We bought an ECU for a 2004 VOLVO S60 that wouldnt start. You guys were great and even reprogrammed the key! We are so happy that our Volvo is running and it is running so much better! Sending your info over to our mechanic who told us to go buy a new ECU from Volvo. NOT! Now he can order from you when this problem comes up on another vehicle brought to him! Thanks so much for the A+++++++ Service!
    Don and Dee Neide

  44. Thanks Jeff and your team for the quick response and professional service dealing with my Mercedes Benz S430 ECU. The car had been driving with permanent problems and I was looking for help to replace ECU or have it reprogrammed or whatever help so that I could drive the car. Dealership was unwisely expensive and Jeff came through with help in a very short space of time. My car is running perfectly now with all electronics working ok. Have driven for 2 weeks now without a problem. I’ve recommended you Jeff to friends. Thanks again Jeff.

  45. Jeff,

    Wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation for the replacement ECU for my 2002 Toyota RAV4. After repeated searches on the internet I discovered your site and was very thankful for your excellent guidance regarding the replacement of the ECU versus the transmission repairs suggested by my dealership. Needless to say, the new ECU solved the hesitant / hard shift symptoms and my RAV is running like new. My new ECU was received within 24 hours of my order and installed the next morning. I couldn’t be happier with your service and the product and will recommend your company to my Toyota friends.
    Thanks again,

  46. These guys are great! Not only did they repair our ECU for a 1999 Mercedes SLK, they had back to us in couple of days!! Very impressive especially since BBA Inc held our unit for almost 10 days to only tell us it’s beyond repair… Can’t wait to send you the next one! Thanks guys!
    Marc K.
    Philmark Service Center, Maryland

    • Marc
      Thank you for the feedback on the 1999 Mercedes SLK ecu. BBA offers reman services for a lot of control units but not for Mercedes. We have the equipment to program and repair all Mercedes (ME), BOSCH computers from 1996 to 2010. If you need anything else: TCM, ECM or ECU’S call us at 313-462-0124 or go to Your business is appreciated.

  47. Hello i do have a ECM #a 272 153 45 79 Bosch # 0 261 209 2066 need to removed the Vin# lock so i can used this and reporgram can you asist me on this

    • Mercedes engine computer (ME) # A2721534579 ? What is the year and model of this Mercedes. This ecu is not a common part number to fail. Are you sure the unit is bad? What are the symptoms?

    • We now have the capability of repairing and reprogramming 2006 and 2007 Mercedes me computers. A common ecu to fail is the 2006 C230 or 2007 Bosch part number A2721534479 Some of the symptoms to look out for are injector not working or coil not firing. Also a no start or misfire is a good sign that the ecu A2721534479 is bad. Here is a pic of the ecu mercedes c230 2006 ecm

      • Dears,
        I got an MB, E280 3.0 (W211) year 2008. I use in Thailand. Now it had a problem about ECU. It shows about the engine warning light when I start and still can drive. I had done to consulting with my local MB service(an official dealler), They tested with the Star Diagnose Equipment. The report said O2 sensor was got wrong and fail but when they change this sensor it was not rotten. The equipment said by report and suggest to change “ECU Unit”. Then my local MB service set the defualt code for letting the warning engine light turn off, but for while it come up again. Now on this car still can drive.
        Do you have any idea about this problem? Please suggest me.
        Thank you very much in advance./ Anat M.

      • We started this comment page for customers to review our service but feel free to ask any questions you may have about your ecm ecu problems. Post your questions here along with the symptoms of your vehicle and we will respond within a few hours.


        If you are in Thailand we will need some more information about your E280. The most important is the Mercedes part number and the manufacturing country. Most Mercedes ME computers (ecms) have a part number that starts with the letter A and is located on the top of your ecm. Unfortunately, there are some part numbers that we’re not able to program yet. If you speak english then I recommend you call us at 313-462-0124 to discuss your options.

      • Dear Sir,   Thank you very much for your replying me. My MB’s part No. is A 272 153 08 91, made in Germany as picture.   Thank you very much, Brgds   Anat M.


      • We have a 2006 Mercedes r350 and the engine started dying while in park and idling. Took it to a local repair shop and after a couple of days of diagnostics they say it is the ECM. Is this something you can repair?

      • Hello Gents,
        Do you have the capability of repairing and reprogramming 2006 and 2007 Mercedes ECU A2721535579?
        I have one with the No.2 Injector not working. I got a used replacement but I need to reprogram ( transfer the data/clone) from the old one to make it work with the vehicle.

      • I need tgis part and i need tp be reprogrammed to my car? How much this will cost me i have a mb c230 2006

  48. My Mercedes 01 c240 was flooded with water. I found this ecu tech website online and talked to Jeff who said ship it and he will handle the job. I got a reprogrammed ecu within days that I plugged it in and the car started right up. Jeff is God sent, I saved over $3000 now that my car hit the road better than ever before. God bless u Jeff.

    • Thank you Isaac, we appreciate the feedback. One of the biggest problems with the c240 ecu is that the fan will run on high speed. If anyone has this problem do not buy a new fan you will waste your money. The ecm ecu controls the fan and it needs to be replaced.

  49. 3rd time customer, these guys rock! Jeff is the man and will help you with anything. Best part of all they stand by there repairs, with awesome customer service. I highly recommend!

  50. Hi,my 1998 Mercedes Benz ML320 is on a limp mode,i got P0700 and P0720 error code.I already replaced the conductor plate and the speed sensor, i need to clear the codes in the TCM or it needs to be flash?

    • The only option we can offer is to replace the transmission computer (TCM). Although, you will have to send us your ignition key and tcm so that we can bypass the ML320 drive authorization system. If you think a reflash will solve your problem then you will need a star diagnostic tool. Good luck with it.

      • Thank you very much for the advise,i will let you know if i need to replace a new TCM.

  51. I am very happy with the ECM service outlet, were the only ones to achieve repair the ECU of my two CLS350 Mercedes Benz C280 and both engine 272.
    It truly was a job well done, it was only necessary to connect the new ECU ECM sent by outlet and turn the key, everything works perfectly.
    The number of my ECU repaired are:

    A2721534579 ME

    Both cars had the failure not start the overnight and now they are in perfect condition.

      Surely I will continue working with you.

    Greetings from Mexico.

  52. Im very happy that my 97 mercedes C280 with a no crank intermitent problem its fix .after installing a remanufactured ECM from ECU tecnology cost me only $565 with programming . way lot cheaper than the stealership . Thank You so much…

  53. I was skeptical at first about buying a Volvo part from a website I didn’t know much about. But these professional take time to explain the process and the money saving opportunity vs an extremely costly dealer part. These folks are knowledgable with working on ECM or ecu. My Volvo computer was return within 24 hours half way across America.

    • This vehicle is a 2003 Volvo XC90 and there can be multiple symptoms when the ecm, ecu is bad. The part number is 0261207227 made by Bosch. The most common signs are misfire, injector 3 or 4 not working (no injector pulse) coils not working or cooling fan constantly running. In some severe cases the vehicle will not start at all. These are the same symptoms for Mercedes C240, c320, e320 and ML320 because Bosch makes the ecm, ME control units for both Volvo and Mercedes.

    • The vehicle we provided an ecu for was a Mercedes 2008 E350. This unit was fully programmed and ready for immediate installation.

      Thank you Jennifer for your business

    The Mercedes dealer in Toronto quoted $4200 to replace the ECM on my C320 and this did not include 13% tax. They also said the part would take ten days to two weeks from Germany. I searched for a reconditioned one and found ECU Tech. They quoted $595 plus programming of $90 and shipping. My dealer would not touch a reconditioned part and so I had the CAA tow the car back to my driveway. This was free with my membership. I removed the ECM and I sent it by over night FEDEX on a Monday and got the replacement back fully programmed with the data from my old one on Wednesday at noon. (over the US border and back.) I re-installed the ECM and the car started immediately. There are some error codes that still need to be sorted out as I had to disconnect the battery to reinstall and a number of on board computers need to sync up with the re-intalled ECM. I drove the car to a local garage that can sort out the error codes. The main problem was solved at a faction the cost and in just a few days. I saved $3500. Jeff was very helpful.

    • If you have any friends in Canada who have an ecm problem let them know we will accept their non-U.S. credit cards. We do a lot of Mercedes computers for both diesel and gasoline engines.

      Thank you for your business

      The BOSCH part number we serviced was A1121530879

  55. Debo de Aceptar que estaba un poco incredulo a principio, eso de enviar mi computadora y mi llave me preocupo aun mas, pero recibir la llamada de Jeff, tus consejos lo profesional que fue me hizo confiar, resultados?
    mi mercedez benz c240 parece que lo compre nuevo pues nunca antes habia sentido este vehiculo correr asi.. jeff eres un genio, una excelente persona la cual desearia que siempre este con nosotros (los usuarios de mercedes)
    Thanks a lot man!!!, god bless you

  56. I have a Mercedes C320 w203 2001 model. The engine ECU failed while driving. After that I were unable to crank or start the car. The car was diagnosed at a Mercedes workshop with an bad Ecu. New one from Mercedes cost 4000 usd !!. Tried to send the unit to repair in UK but they were unable to fix it. Then I found this website and saw that they specialised in Mercedes Ecu. These guys have fixed ECU’s and they just clone the software somehow from the original Ecu to the new one. Got my ECU after few days back ( I live in Iceland ) and plugged it in the car and it was running like new. I had to discharge the electrical system first be putting the + and – on the battery together without having it connected to the battery. Then it started ! Great service and saved me more than 3000 usd !!
    Jeff is a great guy and definetly knows what hes doing ! Great service !!
    Kristofer, Iceland

  57. What a terrific company to do business with! I waited several months to see if the unit I bought would actually work over the long run… and it is! You can rely on Jeff and his crew. This easily saved me thosands of dollars and having to deal with people who don’t know what they are doing!

  58. Hi I read very nice comments here, ok I’m in Toronto, car got flooded two weeks ago when we had that storm, water got under the rear seat where fuse box is and some modules and ecm(i think is ecm) at first few thinks stopped working like windows, AC, no signals and finally now is not even starting. I open the fuse box it was wet and the little motherboard was rusted and wet also, non of the other modules or ecm were wet only the fuse box. I cleaned up put it back and car started I drove 3 miles, park the car and that was it, now doesn’t wanna start, what would you think is the problem? The wet fuse box or something else? I have to know what to send you guys, the car is 2002 Mercedes CL55 AMG, Thank you.

    • The ecu (ME) is not behind the seat it is located under the hood. This is the main computer that controls the engine, injectors, cylinders. A good sign of a bad Mercedes ecu is the fan running on high speed. Read this article to find the exact location and for ecu (ME) removal instructions If you have any questions call us 313-462-0124

  59. Jeff, I would like other Canadians to know that ECU Tech is a 100% reputable business. Your expertise and tech savvy solved a problem it took a Chrysler Dealer (Crossfire- with MB ECM) almost five weeks to check out and it was you who fixed the problem at a fraction of the Chrysler Parts cost. Thank You!! No BS just great advice!

    • Thank you Paul we appreciate the feedback. Luckily Crossfire ecu computers are made by Mercedes (BOSCH). I’m glad it worked out and hopefully we saved you some cash along the way. We welcome customers from Canada and other countries.

  60. I couldn’t be happier. These guys are miracle workers . I went through three other companies that sent bad ecms to me. Jeff got it right the first time and I got it back in a day.It was plug n play just like he said. I was skeptical at first but Jeff saved me $1,500.

  61. I have a 2002dodge ram1500 5.9 gas slt 4dr.
    I am not getting any gages to work or the truck 2start cranks but no spark.or no ground.check every feuse relay connection.& get no reading wen I plug in my solur scanner.reads error .

    • On the 1999 to 2001 Dodge Rams there are 2 ecm computers one is mounted to the engine block. Is it made by cummins? If so we offer a rebuild/repair service. Here are the part numbers we service so far 3942336 and 3946242.

  62. We have a 2006 Mercedes r350 and the engine started dying while in park and idling. Took it to a local repair shop and after a couple of days of diagnostics they say it is the ECM. Is this something you can repair?

      • I am a previous customer and the un proud owner of a Mercedes C-320. If in fact it is an ECM there is nowhere else to go but these guys. They deliver. I was told it was impossible to have an ECM as cheap as they gave it to me and it be plug-n-play but it is. I was skeptical at first but I promise they can and will deliver on an ecm at less than a third of what you will pay anywhere else.

      • I have a 2006 MB R350 , with the #5 injector not firing. It’s been diagnosed as an ECU problem. I have purchased a used ECU ( part # A2721535579) same as the original in the vehicle.
        – Can you repair old ECU?
        – Can you clone my old ECU using the used one I already purchased.
        – What is the cost of repair and or cloning of my ECU.

        Thanks for your quick response.


      • A used ECU will not work for part number A2721535579. We can try to repair it but there is no guarantee with a repair. If we replace it with a brand new or re-manufactured computer we can provide a 1 year conditional warranty. There is more information here about the R350 control units It’s much better if you call us so we can go over your options. Do not buy a used one because it will not work.

  63. Hi there, I got a CLK500 2003 model having problem on starting the engine, sent to the local dealer he told me is the ECU fails! And needs a new ECU order from Mercedes. I am wondering if I can order it from you and how does it work as I am far away from New Zealand. Thanks for reply!

    • We should have your CLK500 ecu computer in stock. What is your Mercedes part number? Its printed on the top of the ecu ecm and starts with A113xxxxxxx If its made by BOSCH.

      • the ECU part number: A113 153 12 79 HW 04.02, it is Bosch you right. Do you need the old one to read for all datas? Thanks!

      • yes, we have this unit in stock. BOSCH A1131531279 is a common unit to fail for 8 cylinder engines. Call 1-313-462-0124 and ask for Kelly.

  64. What would be the cost of repair and programing for a 2006 Mercedes E350 ECM part number A212 153 16 79. The car wont crank and the module does not comunicate with the computer. Dealer new part cost $1485 plus few hundreds more for labor and programing.

  65. Hi I live and work in Australia and wondering how you reprogram Toyota ecu . I specialize in programming and have been trying to find files to my region . US files are different and CUW stops process . Iam willing to pay for any tangable information . Appreciate feed back

    • I’m not sure I fully understand your question. If you’re interested in replacing a Toyota ecm then we can assist you. We offer ecm programming to match your Toyota ignition key and VIN number specifications. Every model is different and some models including the Toyota Camry will require a software update with the most current software. What year and what model Toyota are you working on?

  66. Hi guys. I´m from Germany (Mercedes and Bosch homeland) .
    I drive an 8cyl. CL 500, (W216/CL216, built 2007).
    Official car dealer told me ECM failed as it produces uncoordinated signals to the fan motor. FM starts to cool the engine even during cold engine or while car is in my garage.
    All other functions are fine so far.
    FM and sensor are already replaced but error still exists.
    Can you help me out?
    Gerry from Hamburg, Germany.

  67. Have a 2002 RAV4 that was shifting hard and at high rpm’s and had the vin that was included int he Toyota service bulletin requiring replacement but the Toyota extended Warranty (which they never notified vehicle owners of) expired before I was aware of the so called customer support program by Toyota.

    Found ECM outlet on another website where Toyota RAV4 owners were complaining about how Toyota dropped the ball on this issue and checked around for feedback on the other companies out there and saw no negative feedback for ECM outlet. I sent email to them and Jeff called me in less than 10 minutes! He explained their service and process and did not use any high pressure tactics like some companies do. I secured my vin# and called him back and purchased a replacement ECM from him that I had within 48 hours. Installed it in less than 30 minutes and so far everything is working as it should. The transmission is still re-learning its shift points but seems to be shifting much smoother.

    Jeff has been very responsive to my questions and I always get through to them whether by phone or email.

    I will definitely use them again and get the word out to others.

  68. A few months ago I started having issues with the ECU in my 2004 Sprinter, the ECU was not always sending the signal to the starter relay, to start the truck. Sometimes it would take 30+ tries to start the truck. The dealership did diagnose the problem, but then also wanted $1900 to fix the problem. I pulled the ECU, sent it to ECM OUTLET, plugged it in and have not looked back. They were great at communicating and returning messages. Gave me a little pre-plug in advice and even offered to fix my old Sprinter ECU if possible, it was actually completely dead by the time I sent it in. They were great and I highly recommend them if you need ECU work, reprogramming, replacement, etc. Thanks again Jeff.

  69. Of the Video on – “How to locate and remove a Mercedes ECU ECM”,- what is not covered is any discussion on how to actually remove the five plugs from the module, all of which are locked in place. For anyone to think removing them is as simple as unplugging their kitchen toaster, they’re in for one frustrating time. And yanking on the plugs wires is a big no no, only to invite more complications.

    The modules plugs should be removed in order beginning with the first one closest to you. That first plug has a locking tab on the inner side. Grasp the plug with your left hand at the same time holding the tab inward with your index finger. As you wiggle it, have a flat-head screwdriver in your left hand to work it in under the plugs lip to assist removal.

    Plugs 2,3 and 4 have a lever ratcheting mechanism which when swung down will ratchet out the plug. It becomes self evident that these plugs need appropriate room to fully operate the lever.

    To release the lever of plug 2, first press in on a small square looking button just below the lower edge of the lever. You will hear the lever snap loose. Swing it all the way down and the plug will ratchet itself out.

    Follow in the same order for plugs 3 and 4. Remove plug 5 as you did the first.

    Installation later, will be in reverse order. Don’t be concerned about getting the plugs mixed up. Each are keyed to their own slot.

    Be aware that the module itself is held in place by spring clips on each side. Push them aside as necessary to slide the module out.

    Some say they disconnect their battery before this procedure. But common sense at least with a Mercedes would say, just don’t have the car locked nor leave the key in the ignition.

    • Yes, you are right. The c240 ecm plugs dont just unplug. They have safety latches that have to be flipped over first or they will not pull out. Pull the plug itself not the wires. Here is a better video showing how to flip the safety latches. Thanks for your input

  70. I work at the Midas Auto Service in Aldergrove BC Canada. We needed an ECM for a 2004 ML350 after the vehicle was “jumpstarted” backwards. Here in Canada we do not have the “Right to Repair” law in effect yet, so we are held hostage by the dealer. The dealer said that the ECM was $2500 plus another $500 to program it, plus tax, and it was 6-8 weeks from Germany. The Mercedes dealer also stated that they would refuse to sell it to us as it was a “security item and must be programed at the dealer. I decided to check on line and a fraction of the price later plus free shipping and within one week, (and that was with a holiday in the mix) we got it back. I installed it as per the instructions with the new ECM, and it fired right up!! Couldn’t believe it! You guys ROCK! They saved us from losing a customer from to the dealer. I will always use them as my Mercedes ECM programmer, and other complicated ECM’s for that matter. I recommend any Canadian and world wide shop to use these folks as the go to people for this kind of work. For all you Canadian Shops out there in a similar situation, DONT GET HELD HOSTAGE BY THE DEALER. Great job, I look forward to dealing with you in the future. All we had to do was send the fried ECM, and the ignition key, and then plug and play when it came back.

    • Thank you for the feedback, Collin. We welcome all international customers including Canada. So if any of your friends in Canada have repair shops let them know about our ecm repair / replacement services. Not only do we service Mercedes Benz but we also service Audi, Toyota and Volkswagen engine computers.

  71. Hello, I have a Mercedes Sperantr There meted malfunction want the program to be tested on the computer and the computer number A6121537279
                         Note I am aware of this car model 207

    • I think what you mean is Sprinter. The most common part number to fail is Mercedes part number A6471532879 We do not carry the part number you’re looking for because it wasn’t available in the USA. What are the symptoms? no start, glow plug codes, diesel misfiring? etc.. Maybe we can fix yours. Does it resemble part number A6471532879 ?

  72. Last year my ’02 Toyota Sienna was reporting bogus codes P0420, P0440, P0441, and P0446. That was consistent with the service bulleting TSB-EG-47-05 which calls for a replacement of the ECM.

    After getting an estimate from the dealer of $2000, I went to these guys, and for about $450 and some shipping got it done.

    Unfortunately the replacement is having the same issues a year later. Even if I have to go through this whole rigmarole again, I would still be better off doing it twice than once with the Toyota dealer.


    • Hi Carlos,

      This is a common problem with the 2001 and 2002 Toyota Sienna. It looks like you purchased the ecm in January 2013 so you are covered with a 3 year warranty. If you’re certain the Sienna ecm is the problem then just mail it back and we will replace it. What is the DENSO part number? Are you sure that the same codes are back P0420, P0440, P0441, and P0446. How does the vehicle run and drive?

  73. I am in Nairobi Kenya . I have a Volvo XC 90 2.5 T model 2005. I had an alternator failure. On replacement there was a message “power system requires service” and battery was not charging. Diagnosis indicated there was no communication between alternator and ECM. I have now been told I may need replacement of ECM. Is it possible to get your service from Nairobi, Kenya? In addition , for over 2 years the message “Anti skid requires service ” has been continuously on display. Could this also be due to a faulty ECM?

    • Yes, we welcome customers from Africa but the problem we run into is payment options. We have had too many customers from Africa provide bad credit cards so in the end we don’t get paid for our service. We spend a lot of time on these projects and we can’t afford to not get paid since we are a small business. If you have family in the USA then we will accept their VISA or MASTERCARD and ship to a USA address. The other option is you can pay by bank wire. The funds have to be guaranteed. If you are okay with these terms then we can assist you.

      So to answer your question, the Volvo XC90 has a voltage regulator integrated into the circuitry of the ecm. So this could be your problem. A few common part numbers to fail are 30729999 DENSO and 0261208289 and 0261207712 BOSCH . There is more information available here at our Volvo XC90 website.

  74. To Mr. Jeff and staff thank you for the work done with my ecm. The 1997 mercedes E320 not only starts but runs fine. I have already told about 5 people about the work that you do and how well it is done. Thanks again. Terry in Baton Rouge, La

    • If you have any problems with the C300 ecu it is covered by our 3 year replacement warranty.

      We appreciate the feedback. We welcome all customers from South America.

  75. My name is Glenroy Rogers i’m a mercedes benz owner i live in the caribbean i had problems with my ecm computer a friend of mines that live in the U.S recommended me to Ecu Tech it was one of the best advice he could of give me the help & the service that i get Ecu Tech representative Jeff Mc key was amazing i shipped my old ecm to them & right away he programmed a new one for me & had it shipped to the caribbean Ecu Tech is a great company and the staff is very professional i personally recommend anyone that has a mercedes & they need to replace an ecm, do business with Ecu Tech they are professionals & they have way better prizes then the mercedes dealer….!

  76. ECU Technologies is the best! My 2001 Mercedes C320 had a defected ECU that made my radiator fan running high speed all the time. I sent my defected ECU to ECU Technologies on Wednesday, March 24, 2014 to Mr. McKee and I received the plug and play ECU on Friday, March 28, 2014! I installed it and my car has worked very well up to now. I am very please with ECU Technologies and highly recommend to everyone. Nobody else can do that! Thanks, Nghia Vo

    • When the radiator fan runs at full speed this is usually a good sign of a bad Mercedes c240 or c320 ecm. This is very common with the C240 and C320 models. It’s very important that the ecm be replaced as soon as possible. Because if it’s not replaced the fan will quit working, then you will have to replace the cooling fan as well as the ecm. Here is a video showing the cooling fan running on high speed. We used a cell phone so please excuse the quality of the video clip.

  77. Hi, I have a RAV 4 2002 ,I took the ECU out myself , these guys was great. I got my ECU back in no time. The car runs perfect. Thank you Jeff!!

    • Thank you Jaco for the feedback on the Toyota Rav4 ecu. Here is a video I shot while working on a customers Rav4 2002 4 wheel drive. Maybe this will help those of you who have the transmission shifting problem. The replacement part number is 04009-39542

  78. My wife’s 2001 Audi TT died without warning. VCDS could not read the engine control module. I sent the module to ECU Tech, and they replaced it with a refurbished, programmed and ready-to-go unit for a very reasonable price. The TT once again purrs like a kitten. Thank you ECU Tech!

  79. I need help. I have an Audi TT Quatro Coupe 2000 model TYP8N engine 1781cc 224HP 165KW. It does not work the ecu computer 8N0 906 018 R, and I was looking for it and I did not find anywhere. Does anybady know where can I find that ecu computer? or the same compability for my ride. Please contact with me.

  80. I have a 2001 Toyota Rav4 . Not currently experiencing shifting trouble but am anticipating it from all I am reading! About 107,000 miles on car. Should I replace the ecu BEFORE experiencing transmission problems?

    • Yes, most Toyota rav4 vehicles have known problems with the ecu. Most affected are 2001 , 2002 and 2003 models. If your transmission is not shifting right then that’s probably your problem. Do you have a 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive Rav4 ?

  81. Good Morning ECU Tech,
    i have a Mercedes W203 C230 year 2006 V6 2.5 Naturally Aspired Sport. VIN: WDBRF52J56A858171.
    My problem is the fan is in “emergency” mode, and it works fully.
    In several Mercedes Oficial Dealer and Services, told me the Engine Control Module is bad and i must buy a new one and it´s very very expensive.
    Can you fix my ECM, or you can sell me a new ECU?
    I can send to you my ecu and what other part you need to do this work??

    Thak you very much for all.
    Alejandro, from Argentina.-

    • Yes, we carry the 2006 C230 M.E. control unit ( ecu ). Do you want the computer programmed? The replacement part number for your Mercedes should be A2721535191 or A2721534479 ?

      Which part number do you have?

      • Thanks for your fast answer!
        The ecu part number that i use on my car i´m not sure, but i get this number soon, let me check with service when i have my car right now.

        Yes, i need a ECM replacement for my car. So, what do you need to do this work?, Do you need that i send to you my ecu and ignition key?. Or you send a new ECM directly with full programmed data?, How much is this cost?

        THank you.

      • Hello,
        I have the number:
        Mercedes Benz PN: 272 153 44 79
        Bosch PN: 0 261 209 068

        Please, email me to start this process!, and let me know if i must send the ECM to you to repair it or replace it!

        I will wait your kind answer!
        Thank yoy very much!

  82. Ok, no problem we have this C230 control unit part number A2721534479 in stock. Since this is an international shipment then we have to go over your programming options. We ship DHL or FEDEX international at your expense.

    Okay, you have two options for programming and SCN coding. If you want us to program the ecu so that it will be plug and play (no Mercedes dealer trips required) then we need the original ecu so that we can read and extract the Flash memory information (VIN number, mileage, scn coding, immobilizer, ignition key, etc….) The other option is we can program your VIN so that you can go to a dealer or a shop with Auto Logic or Star diagnostics. Then they can program or adapt it for you. Star diagnostics (SDS) and Auto logic are the only 2 scanners that will program this computer A2721534479.
    If you want the ecu to be plug and play (this is what most shops prefer) then we need your old ecu first.
    If for some reason you can not ship us your ecu then you have to find a Mercedes Benz dealer or shop in your area who has Auto Logic or Star Diagnostics. This may not be easy, depending on where you live.

    If you can not find a shop in your area with the proper tools then you will have to ship your defective unit to the address below.

    1603 E. AUBURN RD.


    Thank you for your interest.

    • Thank you Sr.

      i will send my original ECM to you, and then i will let you know the tracking number to that address.
      Let me know your personal or work email to do contact more directly, it could be possible?
      My email address is:

      thank you.

    • Hi! I am from the philippines. I need a new ecm replacement for my 2006 c230 sport mb. The part number of the ecm a2721534479. My car won’t start and had it check only to find out of a bad ecm. I got one from ebay but it wont work as it is not matched to my vehicle’s key etc. How can I order from your company? Thank you.

      • If you don’t have the tools then you will have to send us your C230 ecu first. We will need it in order to properly program the new ecu. The advantage of this service is that you will not have to go to a Mercedes dealer but rather you will have to do some shipping.

        The new ecu will be a plug and play set up. This makes for a very simple installation on your part.

      • Ok. How will i start the process? Let me know of the steps. What is your mailing address? And how much will it cost me for the replacement inclusive of the shipment back to me. And how long will it take? Thanks!

        Sent from my iPad


      • The mailing address is

        1603 E Auburn RD
        Rochester Hills, MICHIGAN, USA

        If you don’t have the tools then you will have to ship your computer to us. Unfortunately, there is no other way.

      • Ok i will send it. Can you give me an estimate of the cost of repair and shipping back to me? Thanks!

        Sent from my iPad


      • Ok. I will send it. Do you have an idea of how much will it cost for the repair including the cost of shipping back to me? Thanks

        Sent from my iPad


      • I’m from the philippines. Do you have an email address where i can disclose my address privately? Thanks

        Sent from my iPad


  83. Needed a new ECU for my 2003 mercedes c320. Contacted ECUTech and they shipped me a new one. Plugged it into my car and my car was good to go! Thank you so much!!!

  84. I may need an ecu for my 2005 w211 E55. I will know if that is the issue on monday. The couple of questions i have are, do you have these in stock?? Also what is the warranty on these, and shipping time??

    If needed i can get you the VIN or if needed the ecu number. If you need the ecu number, since i see there are three different ones, i can get that for you on monday as well.

    Thank you in advance,


  85. I am a first time customer with ecu tech, and I must say it wasn’t as pleasant as I would have liked. I needed to have my ecm replaced for my 2001 c320 (to make a long story short) I sent out my faulty ecm to them through usps on a flat rate of 19.99 which they received the very next day. Once they programed the new ecm I was contacted for payment. (remind you I once again paid to have my new piece shipped over night) spoke with the receptionist who informed me I would receive my item today 12/6/14 at 12:00pm and provided me with the tracking number. After tracking my package for several hours, it continued to say “pre shipment”. Come to find out jeff had a “emergency” and had to leave early and never sent out my package. Now it will not be shipped until Monday. Shouldn’t I be able to get free over night shipping now due to his mishap which inconvenienced me big time?

    • Danyetta,

      I apologize for not fulfilling the overnight delivery request as expected. All shipping costs have been fully refunded to your credit card. We finished the project on Saturday and shipped priority mail delivery at our expense. Your tracking number is 9410803699300062694829 and your C320 ecu should be delivered tomorrow before 3PM.

      Thank you for your business

  86. I need to have my ECM replaced but I have one question. Currently neither of my keys are able to be read by the ECM. Every time I disconnect the battery the key is no longer able to start the vehicle. I was told that I have a faulty ECM. So here is my question. By you programming the new ECM with the information from my old ECM how will my keys recognize the new ECM? Do you have to have the keys to reprogram them? Just trying to understand the logic behind the whole thing. I am not able to get anymore Keys for my vehicle and I want to make sure prior to paying for a new ECM.
    Thank You

  87. Hello,
    Due to misfire in cylenders 1 and 4 in my 2006 Mercedes-Benz (e 280), my car dealer told me that I need to buy a new ECU. The part number is : A2721535279. Can you guys fix this part? I live in Saudi Arabia. Many thanks

      • I contacted your operation on 12/5 and, as yet, am to receive a reply. This is the message:
        Could you please contact me regarding a 2009 Audi 3.0TDI ECU – Part No. 8R0 907 401J.
        I have purchased this unit to replace my existing damaged ECU and require the immobiliser to be over-ridden and the VIN changed. i.e. a “plug and play” re-work.
        The ECU will be shipped to you as I expect you will not have a change-over unit.
        The job is urgent and your earliest attention would be appreciated.
        Thank you
        Wayne (Adelaide, South Australia)

      • Thanks for your reply.
        The replacement ECU is from an identical Audi with the same drive train. As such, the immobilised fault code is displayed when the Ross-tech is connected and the engine will crank but not start (nil injector signal). The Dealer requires the vehicle however is located too far away to ship.
        I am informed that the EDC17 processor immobiliser can be accessed for correction and assumed that your operation is equipped to handle this. If not, is there another option besides the Dealer.
        Thank you,

  88. If it is a BOSCH ECU then we should be able to Flash program it. But I can not make you a guarantee and the programming fee would be nonrefundable. Can you send a picture of the ignition key.

  89. I have a 2001 volvo s80 t6 that has been throwing codes left and right. The car runs poorly and the temp gauge is always showing cold. I replaced the temp sensor and still the same result. I metered the wires to the Ecu and the wires are good. It is also showing no activity bank 1&2 upstream o2 sensors. I haven’t replaced those yet. It also shows turbo boost sensor fault but I just replaced that. Mass air flow sensor is another code. I just replaced the electronic throttle control at a cost of $500 so I am trying to figure out if I should just keep replacing parts or try a new Ecu. Thanks for any input you can give me. FRUSTRATED VOLVO OWNER.

  90. I am from Sri Lanka. I had a problem with my ECU and the agents wanted a thumping value to fix it. I found ECU technologies through the web and took a chance after reading the reviews. The service was awesome. It was quick and the communications was extremely satisfactory. I just sent my old part and got a part through ECU and it was just plug and start. The car is working as it used to be as normal. I would recommend the service.

    I had a crank only no start, wipers would start while cranking , the cooling fan would run constantly and the check engine light would stay on while cranking i took it to the dealer and with there Volvo scan tool i was informed that the ECM was fried and they Quoted me over $2000 for a new computer and was informed there was no other way to fix it so i did a bit of research and found ECU TECHNOLOGIES in Mi online and saw some of the reviews and with a quote of around $500. Jeff took my fried 04 Volvo S60 and transferred it to a refurbished ecm and sent it back and it worked great plug and play just like he said it would i would recommend this service to anyone.

  92. 1999 or 1998 dakota manual ecu 56046324AB, appears it has a manifold exhaust leak, screws broke off, can not correct that problem, I keep getting codes: #1 Ignition Coil #2 high bank 2 and occasionally something different, vehicle ran great all summer and most of winter.. Now it runs for 2-15 minutes then idles up a bit and dies. turns over great, appears not getting fuel, can either it up to start, OR Reset ecu with Code Reader. mke in illinois….

    • I am sorry but we only work on German made computers. Although, this maybe changing in the near future.

      If you have coils that are not firing the problem could be the ecu.

  93. Hi, I’m working in a Mercedes S 500 2006 , engine 273. It shows the codes 1337, 0228 (P0638) always present. After while the codes of misfiring appears P2240 and P2237. Finaly the code P0607 appears. Already checked wiring, I have replaced alternator RF o2 sensor reset throttle valve . It’s possible a ECU problem in this case. Do you have any records of this kind of ECU problems?



    • Yes, the 2007-2008 S550 and S500 have some common problems with the M.E. control unit. First, check to see if the unit gets hot. If it does then you probably have a bad ecu. The part number we replace with is A2731535679 (S550 ECU)

      If you have any other questions call us at 313-462-0124.

      • Hi, finaly I got another car to test the ecu. I installed the ecu in the other car and the failure codes were the same. They came always present, no matter if I erase them. Codes 1337 and 0228(P0638). So I think the problem is really the ECU. Please, email me in order to set the next steps. Thanks.

  94. Question on a 2005 V70R:
    “Power System Service Urgent” & batt idiot light came on but intermittent over the weekend. When message & light came on voltage dropped to 12.0 VDC. Replaced alternator with a 160 amp NAPA rebuild although the one taken out was only a 75 -140 amp unit. “Power System Service Urgent” & batt idiot light now come on & stay on 15 -20 seconds after engine starts. Fluke says 14.5 VDC at idle & higher RPM , with all loads on. Battery was charged for 11 hours yesterday during the day just to eliminate that. Battery voltage looks OK this morning with a 12.3 VDC reading.

    Wondering if the ECU does not like the 160 amp alternator or is there something else? Car runs fine, no other messages.

  95. Hi, I have an ML350 (right hand drive) in the Caribbean. ECU has been diagnosed as ‘bad’. Part # A 272 153 17 79. Do you have in stock? Besides the old ECU plus my 2 keys (They’re Keyless Go), is there any thing else I should send for you?

    • Yes, we have A2721531779 in stock. Do you also need programming? If you do not have Autologic or Xentry for Mercedes then I recommend we do all of the programming in advance. This way you will not have to go to a Mercedes dealership.

      • Yes please. I do not have Autologic nor Xentry. I’m looking for the plug and play option you’ve described on your site.

  96. Okay, if you want plug and play you will have to ship your ecu to
    1603 E AUBURN RD

    We need your ecu so that we can match the settings: VIN number mileage, scn coding etc……….
    When you receive the new ecu part number A2721531779 it will be a plug and play installation. Very easy to install. You will not need any special tools or scanners.

  97. Hi there,

    Im interesting in bringing my 1999 Mercedes C230k ECM into guys.
    Before I do so, could you guys confirm that connector C pin 29 is a ground. This is my fuel pump ground but when I test the pin I read +4.25v instead of a ground voltage.
    My fuel pump relay won’t trigger on from the key and I traced the wire all the way to the ECM.

  98. We have 2002 Mercedes C320 needs ECM, Part No. 112153267960. I also sent an email through your website. We were qouted $2400 through a dealership and your shop looks like a great and realistic alternative. Please let me know how to proceed.

    Thamk you.

  99. I have a 1999 SLX Jaguar. Sent it to Automotive Scientific in Tennessee. They advised they could not repair, said it was scrambled. Another regional tech said he has heard of this problem and that autoecu may have themselves scrambled leaving it unrepairable. Do you actually repair my ECU, replace with a rebuilt one or sell me a new one?

  100. I have a 2003 c240 and water got into the computer. The part number is a1121532679. Can you guys repair the Ecu? If so how much and how fast ? The dealer wants 2200 and I have to pay a 60 mile tow.

  101. Hi I have a BMW 325i 2003 I think my ecm or ecu is bad so I bought both of them online with the same frequency do I have to reprogram them before I install them or can I just install it ???

  102. Hi My W209 CLK 280 couldn’t fire up suddenly, the repair shop said the Diag check the ECU hasn’t response, requested purchase a replacement ECU.

  103. Hello, I tryed to call, but it´s impossible, I have a C280 MERCEDES , 2006 YEAR, and the mechanic told me that the ECM doesn´t work, I need to repair or chenge, and of course reprogramming for the new one, the part number is a2721534579. Thanks

  104. I have a MERCEDES C280, 2006 YEAR, and the ECM doesn´t work, I need to change it and reprogramming the new one, the part number is a2721534579, Can you please tell me the price and How I can do to buy it?

  105. hi, have an issue with my mercedes GL450 ecm, need that you check your inbox. Have to get an answer from you but didn´t get nothing.

    • I apologize, but we have been closed for the Christmas Holidays. We are a little backed up and all orders are taking 2-3 days minimum. We should be back on schedule next week. Call us if you need additional assistance on the GL450 computer.

  106. Hello Gents,

    I have a damaged (burnt) Front SAM from my Mercedes R350 2006 Model. Is this something I can just replace with a new one and it works automatically (Plug and Play) or does the new one need to be programmed before it can work with my vehicle?
    Thanks for your prompt rersponse.

      • its irreparable water damage. Part of the board is actually fried ( burnt to ashes). I definitely need a replacement.
        What would you need to reprogram a replacement and how much will this cost + Programming?
        Would I need to send you the old burnt one or the Engine ECU or just a VIN number will do?

        Thanks for your prompt response.

  107. I am working on 2001 C320. It completely drains the battery overnight. I diagnosed with test light and saw big draw. I pulled all fuses one by one but couldn’t find what causing the draw. After connecting the battery terminal and try to start the car I noticed that I have to turn the key 3 or 4 times or sometime pull the key out and than try to start the engine. Once the car starts it runs perfect. I am not sure if Electronic Ignition switch is causing the drain unless I pull the lower dash to disconnect the electronic connector. I called dealer to check the price and they don’t sell EIS because it requires Programming, They told me to bring the car to the dealership for service. Do you rebuilt Electronic Ignition Switch? Do you think ECU can cause this problem? Appreciate your response.

  108. I am Chandler from California, my 1999 Mercedes Benz slk230 check engine light is on with trouble code p1236. This trouble code is related to the supercharge stays running at all time. I had replaced the k40 relay, but the supercharge clutch still always engages. I strongly think that the ecm is shorted the circuit that controls the ground side of the clutch. So my question is that have you run into this problem before and if I send in the ecm to have it repaired, will you able to repair it? The ecm #A0235458332. Please reply to this email, it’s urgent to have a response from you asap because my smog inspection is passed due. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

  109. I have a 2004 Volvo XC90 and the ECM is not reading the temperature control unit. The TCU is new and is fluctuating with the temps but the ECM is reading a constant 289 degrees. Would a new ECM correct this issue? I must clear the check engine light to register the vehicle.

  110. The ecm been repaired 3times and still after installation in a couple of days it do the same default #3 injector and all the cable and spark plug been replaced and the harness been replaced where to go from here

  111. Hi Jeff,
    I am Chandler from Sacramento California. ECU technology just repaired my ECM on a 1999 Mercedes Benz slk230. It fixed the supercharger clutch problem and passed California smog inspection. But now every morning when cold starts, engine is not able to accelerate(no power). I try to press hard on the gas paddle, it does not shift to 2nd gear and engine rpm goes to about 4000. After 2 minutes or so, it runs great. I read MB bulletin about this model, it mentioned about ECM needs to be reprogrammed. Do you have any clue about this problem? Your professional advise is always helpful.

    Thank you !
    P.s. The person who paid for the ECM repair was Trach Vo.

  112. Dear friend,
    I have problem with my speedometer. Get info from my mechanic. ABS light sign went i started my engine & not functioning. My engine was shaking went moving. Must reprograming ECU & speedormeter.

  113. Do you handle audi s4 2011,transmission control module programming,if I provide vin can you find a similar TCM and program it so that it’s plug and play? Audi s4 has immobilizer can it work when you do your programming,without the dealer programming ,it’s an ob5.

  114. Hi,
    My 2006 C230 requires a ECM replacement. Its got the m272 V6 engine. Do you have replacement in stock? and if so what would be the costs?

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